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As Podiatric Surgeons we treat a wide variety of common podiatric maladies, such as structural conditions including bunionshammertoesflat feetheel painneuromas, diabetic foot issues and arthritic conditions. We also specialize in treating trauma-induced injuries such as ligament tears, ankle sprains, fractures of the foot and ankle and injuries associated with professional and recreational sports. Another area of expertise is treatment of congenital conditions in children. As foot and ankle surgeons, these are only a few of the many lower extremity maladies that we treat. We have helped over 70,000 patients and performed over 10,000 surgeries. 

Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center, LLC is proud to announce that we have introduced regenerative medicine into our practice. Please take your time to acquaint yourself with the scope of our practice. 

New Training

Dr. Wellens has just completed training at the Arthrex Training Facility in Naples, Fl. She completed training in the following surgeries: New arthroscopy equipment Nanoscope, Percutaneous Achilles tendon repair, New Achilles tendon anchors, Plantar Lapidus Plate and Plantar plate repair. This is additional training to the Brostrom ankle surgery she has been performing for 20 years. 

Arthrex has developed a simple, safe, and reproducible technique using the BioComposite SwiveLock® anchor and FiberTape® suture. The InternalBrace ligament augmentation repair can be used to augment a Broström procedure and allows surgeons to repair lateral or medial ankle instability. It can also be used in acute and chronic ankle sprains. Learn more about each procedure here. 

Diabetes Awareness!

More than 30 million Americans are living with diabetes. Up to 70 percent will develop diabetic peripheral neuropathy—or nerve damage—in their feet, causing burning, tingling, or numbness that can dramatically affect their quality of life and lead to other serious complications. 

Nerve damage is caused by blood sugar levels that get too high or too low, poisoning the nerves that lead to the feet and preventing them from functioning properly. The resulting burning and tingling may be intensely painful. Those who lose sensation altogether may not notice an injury or sore, which could lead to a serious infection. Click here for steps you can take so you don't lose your nerver to diabeties!

Dr. Wellens won 1st place in the Best of Central Florida contest by the Ledger. We are very honored and thankful for this award.

Dr. Wellens wanted to especially thank the Lakeland Ledger for adding the podiatry category last minute and a special thanks to Bruce for doing that for us.

Most of all a special thanks to all our patients throughout Florida and beyond. We wouldn't be here without you trusting us with your care. We also want to give a special thanks to our fellow doctors that also trust us when caring for your patients.

This has been an exciting year for us at Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center and we are thrilled to be the only ones in Central Florida to perform several new noninvasive procedures.

We have so many great doctors and businesses in Polk County and we are honored for the opportunity from the Lakeland Ledger to showcase all of us together in one room.

Thank you very much.

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Meet our Doctors

Tatiana A. Wellens, DPM, PhD. FACFAS

Dr. Wellens has been in practice in Polk County, Florida since 1999.  She is president of Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center, LLC and has been trained in top medical institutions worldwide including South Miami Hospital, Baptist Health Systems Hospital, Ilizarov Institute for External Fixation in Russia, and Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore, Maryland. She completed her Ph.D in biomedical sciences in 2002 and is only one of few podiatrists in the United States to carry a degree of Doctor of podiatric medicine as well as Ph.D.  Dr. Wellens is board certified by the American College of Podiatric Surgery and is a Fellow with American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.  She has performed over 4000 operations on foot and ankle and has been actively involved in clinical research directly associated with approval of medical devices through Food and Drug Administration.  She is currently heading podiatric practice that specializes in medicine and reconstructive surgery of foot and ankle, which is the largest practice in Polk County, Florida.  In her free time, Dr. Wellens enjoys water skiing, snow skiing, working out, and spending time with her two sons. 

Congratulations Dr. Wellens on becoming a Fellow.

The American Society of Podiatric Surgeons recognizes Dr. Wellens has successfully fulfilled the requirements of the Society and is hereby declared a Fellow. The ASPS testifies to this podiatric surgeon's dedication to the advancement of education and research in foot and ankle surgery.


Maria T. Jaramillo-Dolan, DPM, FACFAS

Dr. Jaramillo obtained her Doctorate degree from Barry University in 1998. She then obtained extensive training in Sports Medicine, Podopediatric conditions, and Biomechanics at Cedars Medical Center in Miami, Florida. Dr. Jaramillo-Dolan was then board certified in foot surgery by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery after completing extensive training in foot and ankle surgery at Benedictine Hospital in Kingston, NY. Dr. Jaramillo-Dolan is also highly trained in Diabetic Limb Salvage, wound care and is a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons and a Member, American College of Foot and Ankle Pediatrics. Dr Jaramillo-Dolan treats newborns that are born with club foot, metadductus, polydactyly and foot and ankle deformities. She is one of the only doctors that specializes in foot and ankle pediatric malformations and bio mechanical conditions. Some of these conditions include intoeing, out-toeing, toe walkers, severe post planovalgus (flat feet). Finally, being fluent in both English and Spanish has aided her success in private practice at Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center, LLC.

We offer state-of-the-art STANDING CT IMAGING.

The American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society recommends standing (weight bearing) X-Rays, when possible, to get the most accurate assessment of the functional bony anatomy of the foot and ankle.

 Deformities of the forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot are shown to increase in weight bearing. Your doctor may order a standing CT scan to supplement your X-Rays. The scan takes less than 70 seconds and provides your doctor with three dimensional views of the foot & ankle. Learn more.


Congratulations Dr. Wellens

Congratulations to Tatiana A. Wellens, DPM, PhD. FACFAS who is now a Fellow of the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons. She has completed the Advanced Peripheral Nerve Surgery Course and has expanded her knowledge in peripheral nerve surgery. Dr. Wellens is honored to be one of the 8 surgeons selected by the society to complete the course that is only offered once a year at the New England University College of Medicine. She has completed over 7,000 operations already and continues to expand her knowledge.

The A.E.N.S. was founded as a society to promote the collaborative study and development of medical research regarding the treatment of extremity nerve disease. Membership is inclusive of MD, DO, DPM, PHD and medical student individuals interested in furthering the dissemination of current knowledge and development of basic medical research in peripheral nerve disease.

Lower Extremity Review Article

Podiatry practice adds retail component for one-stop service

Like most podiatrists and podiatric surgeons, Tatiana Wellens-Bruschayt, DPM, and Maria Jaramillo-Dolan, DPM, of the Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center in Winter Haven spend a lot of time counseling patients with diabetes on proper foot care. Traditionally, that meant directing them to a source for special shoes designed for people with diabetes.

Then, in 2009, the doctors had an inspiration. Why not have an on-site shoe store to which they could direct their patients?
As shoe store manager Steve Fletcher explains it, this was really a matter of extrapolating an idea used by a similar business and custom-fitting it to their own industry. He points to the popular eyeglasses chains often found in shopping malls.

“The optometrist examines you and says you need glasses; then the business takes care of the product you need,” Fletcher said. “We were sending patients away to buy the shoes our doctors prescribed, and our marketing director recognized that it would be better customer service to provide them right here.” Read full article here


Foot Care in Lakeland

When you need to see an expert podiatrist, we hope you will visit us at our podiatry practice for the complete care of your foot problems; our well-regarded office is Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center. Our two expert podiatrist, Dr. Tatiana A. Wellens-Bruschayt and Dr. Maria T. Jaramillo-Dolan, will be able to provide you with top-notch foot care in Lakeland.Our podiatry practice is open to patients of all ages. While many people associate podiatry services with older adults, the truth is that many children also need podiatry services at some point in their development. Two common reasons why a child may need podiatry services are for treatment of foot warts or for treatment of heel pain, which often occurs when a child begins playing sports. We offer a wide variety of podiatry services to help patients who are experiencing foot problems or foot pain. Read the full article.


Patient Video Testimonies
Plantar Fasciitis Surgery using new Tenex Procedure (learn more)

CFFA's New Services

CFFA is incorporating the newest advancements to provide our patients with the latest technology to prevent further complications and heal them as quickly as possible. 

This past weekend Dr. Wellens took a training course at the Regenerative Medicine Training Institute in South Florida with leaders in this field, Dr. Joseph Purita and Dr. Paul Tortland. The course was on cutting-edge updates in science regenerative therapy as well as treatment protocols and improving patient outcomes.  

Dr. Wellens earned a diploma for completing the educational course in Techniques and Clinical Applications for Bone Marrow and Adipose Aspiration Procedures. 

TenJet Procedure: Plantar fasciitis or achilles tendonitis, an inflammation, irritation, and swelling of the tendon, comes from an injury or doing the things you love or need to do-over and over again. Repetitive motions, no matter how ordinary, can cause small micro tears that occur each time you use your tendon. When the micro tears do not heal properly, tendinosis (tendon degeneration) can occur. Percutaneous tenotomy or percutaneous fasciotomy, using ultrasonic energy powered by the TenJet patented design, is a safe and quick procedure specially designed for those who are suffering from painful conditions associated with chronic tendon damage. The procedure treats tendinosis or fasciitis in the ankle and foot. Learn more


Hyperblue Toenail Fungus Laser now available!

Call for an appointment at either the Winter Haven or the Lakeland office.

Eliminate Toenail Fungus with our brand new HyperBlue 1530 multiuse diode laser. It is FDA-cleared in removing warts, performing matrix ectomies (ingrown toenails), and to temporarily increase the growth of clear nail in patients with onychomycosis (toenail fungus).

  • Fast and powerful - With 30 watts of power, the HyperBlue 1530’s ergonomic hand piece allows treatment of all 10 toes in just three ten-minute treatments.
  • Safe and virtually painless - The HyperBlue 1530 laser delivers results with minimal patient pain or discomfort.
  • Easy to use - Pre-set treatment parameters on the HyperBlue 1530 make treating the patients easier than ever

We offer the latest technology in diagnostic studies and our office is the only one in Polk County to offer PSSD testing for peripheral nerve problems. Once you have familiarized yourself with our practice please visit our offices page. We offer 3 convenient locations in Winter Haven, Lakeland, Davenport, FL.

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More specific information, questions, comments, or other interaction can be obtained by e-mailing us at [email protected], or by visiting one of our offices. We will be happy to be of any assistance.

Custom Orthotics

Orthotics are like eyeglasses for the feet.

They're made to correct the specific bio mechanics of the way you walk.

They need to be firm and are here for support, not for cushioning.

Call today and ask about custom orthotics.

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