What An Ultrasound Scan Shows

Diagnostic Ultrasound in Winter Haven, FL - Podiatrst in Winter Haven, FL

  • Achilles tendon/tendonitis/rupture/insertion
  • Retrocalcaneal bursitis
  • Plantar Fasciities/partial tear/chronic v. acute/lack of pathology for work comp/bilateral comparison
  • Plantar Fibroma/with direct measurement
  • Heel spur/fracture of spur/position on medial or lateral tuberosity
  • Morton's neuroma/real time Mulder's click/differentiation from adjacent metatarsal bursitis
  • Tibialis posterior/rupture/tendonitis/dysfunction
  • Rheumatoid arthritis/capsular erosion/cffa/Nodules
  • Bone/cffa/Near surface only/immediate view of stress fracture/chevron osteotomy/periostitis,subperiosteal hematoma, osteotomy bridging/motion at fx/osteotomy site/fx sesamoids,sesamoidal facet arthropathy
  • Ankle sprain/deltoid ligament/partial vs. complete tears a.t.f./c.f./p.t.f ligament.
  • Cystic masses/fluid v. solid/compressibility/adjacent anatomic structure
  • Fat pad thickness/diabetic at risk foot evaluation