Skin Conditions

* Evaluation and management of skin tags, moles, warts, and other dermatology problems

Moles, warts, or newly appearing lesions are first carefully examined. A biopsy may be taken to evaluate and rule out any possible skin cancer. Once it is determined that there is no malignancy, removal of the lesions can be performed with plastic surgical skin techniques.

Xerosis or dry skin is a condition that can lead to scaling and itching. Keeping the skin moisturized with an emollient cream will provide adequate relief. Dermatology approved skin moisturizers applied to the feet twice a day will be beneficial and these can be found at Dr. Bruschayt's office.

Fissures and Cracked Heels
Excessive dryness can lead to deep grooves in the skin. Usually seen after wearing open backed shoes for an increased amount of time, the skin of the heel becomes hard, dry and cracked. This is treated with a chemical peel and moisturizers. Consider it a facial for your feet. Long term care with healing agents and moisturizers will be discussed.

Hyperhidrosis, or excess sweating, can occur not only in the underarm region, but it can involve the hands and feet. This can lead to staining of clothing as well as malodor. First line treatments usually include deodorants and antiperspirants (with aluminum chloride hexahydrate).