Regenerative Medicine

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Central Florida Foot & Ankle is proud to announce that we have introduced regenerative medicine into our practice.  We will utilize the wound matrix, regenerative matrix, and particular matrix in order to provide top notch advanced medical care to our patients.  We have partnered with Amniox Medical Technology, who is a leader in restorative tissue therapy.  Amniox has over 25 years of National Institute of Health Sponsored Research, over 130,000 human implants, and 300 peer reviewed scientific publications.

We have introduced three different products that we will commonly utilize in office as well as surgically.

Clarix Flo is the particulate form of Clarix and cord regenerative medicine that employs the benefits of umbilical cord providing higher volumes of critical matrix protein innate to the tissue.

The procedure involves an injection that can be performed in the office in order to facilitate regeneration of tendon healing as well as is also indicated for osteoarthritis and other degenerative processes.

We will also utilize Clarix regenerative matrix for utilization in surgical coverings, wraps, and barriers.  The matrix is indicated for use as a surgical membrane or graft and stimulates growth of new tendons.  The bioactive matrix contains unique matrix proteins that regulate inflammation and prevents scar formation that may lead to limited functional recovery, poor cosmesis and subsequent surgery or excessive medical management.  Clarix matrix is made from cryopreserved human amniotic membrane and umbilical cord, utilizing the patented cryo tech process.  Dr. Wellens and Dr. Jaramillo are planning to use this in future repair of Achilles tendons, peroneal tendons, and posterior tibial tendon tears.

Neox Wound Matrix is indicated as a wound covering for dermal ulcers and defect and Central Florida Foot & Ankle is planning to widely introduce it on the market in September of 2015 for covering chronic wounds.  Neox Wound Matrix is made from cryopreserved human amniotic membrane and umbilical cord, using the patented cryo tech process.  This process method is scientifically proven to maintain the innate physical and biological properties of the tissues.  In clinical trials, it had been shown to significantly increase the rate of wound healing.

Please call Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center, LLC and schedule a consultation for further information on those three new products.