Nail Care

Fungal Nails

When a fungal infection involves the toenail, the nail becomes yellow, thickened and brittle. Treatment of this condition is difficult as the fungus is highly resistant to most over the counter products and there is a high recurrence rate. Depending on the severity of the condition, there are various options to discuss with the physician including oral medication, topical prescription medication or a specially compounded colored nail polish that conceals while it heals. Homeopathic treatments can also be recommended.

Ingrown Nails & Painful Nail Grooves

Ingrown nails or a malformation of the nail can be painful when wearing closed toed shoes by impinging the nail against the skin and shoe. The appearance of the nail may be curved on the sides with a rounded appearance. For an infected ingrown nail temporary relief is obtained by a minor office procedure.

Permanent cosmetic correction of the nail is an option for recurrent problems. A simple procedure is performed in the office with no downtime and immediate return to activity.