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Nadal underwent ankle surgery in Barcelona to remove a free-floating piece of bone in his right ankle. Apparently, it had been an issue for a while due to a previous ankle injury. In a statement on social media, he said, "We detected it a while ago and it's bothered me from time to time. But as the problem with the abdominals also prevents me from playing in London, we decided to take advantage and intervene in the ankle to prevent future problems. “Usually they are caused by what we call osteochondral lesions or avulsion type injury fractures when a ligament pulls very hard on the bone and takes a piece of bone with it.

Usually this type of surgery is not an emergency, but Nadal had pulled out from a tournament in Paris due to abdominal muscle injury and took that opportunity to fix his ankle as well. He’s expected to make a full recovery by 2019.

We perform these types of surgeries routinely. Growth factors and stem cells are commonly utilized as well. 

Dr. Tatiana Wellens, DPM, PhD
Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center, LLC