This is a very good example of how important it is to address any pain associated with Achilles tendon before it is too late, and patients need surgery.

Richard Sherman had pain in his Achilles tendon for about one year but he was so afraid to be cut from the team that he did not properly treat it and therefore suffered a complete rupture of the Achilles tendon on Thursday night. He will need surgery now, but it is a very good medical lesson to learn not to ignore your symptoms of pain.

When Achilles tendon issues are treated in a timely fashion, those disastrous injuries can be easily prevented. And the biggest question now is, will he ever be the same? Will he be able to play again?

There are non-surgical and minimally invasive surgical options like Tenex and amniotic injections that are available that can make a difference between a major operation and a simple injection or minimally invasive procedure.

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