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Image result for andrew luck injuryLate Tuesday night, Indianapolis Colts general manager Chris Ballard conducted a  news teleconference in hopes of clearing up the mystery surrounding star quarterback Andrew Luck's long lingering left leg injury. 

Ballard admitted that while Luck's medical team once believed the quarterback was solely dealing with a calf injury, they recently discovered he was also dealing with an ankle injury as well. 

They thought at first that the injury might have something to do with the os trigonum, a small, back-of-the-ankle bone that most humans don't even have. While Luck indeed has the rare and useless bone, a recent test has led them to believe it is not the source of Luck's issues. 

Instead, they believe Luck is dealing with an issue at the front of his ankle, high in the joint, that has been causing pain in his calf and lower leg, above the Achilles tendon. 

Syndesmosis is a pretty rare injury and we only usually see it in high impact sports like football. But os trigonum (The condition they originally thought he had) is a more common issue that usually presents with pain in the back of the ankle especially with dorsiflexion and plantarflexion. It is mostly seen in tennis players and dancers.

We see a wide range of injuries here at CFFA including these. We have conservative approaches to treat these type injuries and if those don't work we perform the proper surgery if needed.

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Dr. Tatiana Wellens, DPM, PhD
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