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October 02, 2017
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Panthers tight end Greg Olsen exited the game due to injury and returned back to the sideline wearing a walking boot on crutches.

Most likely he will be in a non-weight-bearing position as I am suspecting that he has a Jones type fifth metatarsal fracture which is very common in NFL players. Usually, those type of fractures take about 6 weeks to heal but it is also directly proportional to the players compliance and ability to heal. Unfortunately out of 5 different types of fifth metatarsal fractures, Jones fracture is notoriously known for difficult healing. The main reason is interpositioning of one of the small muscles in the foot between the fracture fragments. This could cause fracture not to heal. Usually, if the displacement is minimal, less than 2 mm, I do not recommend surgery. I would recommend waiting for 6 weeks to see if there any signs of bone healing. We have seen in the past several NFL players with Jones fracture that had to be taken to the operating room. Hopefully, this will not be Greg Olsen‘s case.,

If his physician decides not to perform surgery right away, Greg will need serious of CAT scans to evaluate for bone healing.

Dr. Wellens