Biomechanical Services

Orthotics are devices that are placed into the shoe to help control the foot's position as we walk. Similar to eye glasses that correct your vision so you can see clearly, orthotics will alter the position of the foot so that you can walk better.

Appropriate diagnosis of the foot condition as well as understanding the mechanics of walking is essential to a successful plan. At your visit, a biomechanical foot exam and walking analysis are used to properly examine each individual's foot type. At that time, custom molded inserts are made by taking a plaster mold of one's foot while Dr. Bruschayt carefully manipulates the joints for appropriate orthotic structure.

Shoe Fitting and Design
Dr. Wellens acts just as a personal shopper for clothing, however she aids in shoe fitting. America has a love affair with their shoes and although wearing high heels is debilitating to your feet, she understands that women will continue to wear whatever shoes they love. She too loves stylish shoes and feels that wearing high heels in moderation is acceptable.

Shoe fitting includes an understanding of your basic foot type, evaluation of your deformities and finding a style that is right for you. A knowledge of shoes including designers and their plans, materials, shapes and design is key to helping an individual as everyone has a different foot type and different style. She uses padding and offloading devices to make you feel more comfortable when wearing your favorite shoes. Combine this service with fat pad restoration and you will be dancing in your Jimmy Choo shoes all night.

Take advantage of this modality and be sure to bring in your favorite shoes at your office visit.