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If you feel like you are walking on pebbles now you can feel like you're walking on pillows...

From a science standpoint, just behind the bones of the toes are five long bones whose end comprises the ball of the foot. Your basic foot type is hereditary and can lead to foot problems over time. People who have flat feet suffer from different patterns of increased pressure on the ball of the foot. Likewise, please who have a high arched foot will feel the increase in forces on the ball of the foot during ambulation.

Over time, the body's natural fat on the bottom of the foot is lost or it shifts position. It may feel like you are walking directly on the bone. Other signs are calluses or hardened tissue that return after every time we use a pumice stone to remove them. Still, this will not stop women from wearing high heels.

This can cause extreme pain on the ball of the foot during ambulation. It is extremely debilitating and is one of the most common reasons why women will refrain from wearing high heels. Now you can restore the cushioning on the ball of the foot whether you are preparing for an upcoming event or for high heel wear. With fat pad restoration commonly known facial fillers are placed into the ball of the foot allowing pain free ambulation.

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