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As Podiatric Surgeons we treat a wide variety of common podiatric maladies, such as structural conditions including bunionshammertoesflat feetheel painneuromas, diabetic foot issues and arthritic conditions. We also specialize in treating trauma induced injuries such as ligament tears, ankle sprains, fractures of the foot and ankle and injuries associated with professional and recreational sports.Another area of expertise is treatment of congenital conditions in children. As foot and ankle surgeons, these are only a few of the many lower extremity maladies that we treat.

Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center, LLC is proud to announce that we have introduced regenerative medicine into our practice. Please take your time to acquaint yourself with the scope of our practice.

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Meet our Doctors

Tatiana A. Wellens-Bruschayt, DPM, PhD. FACFAS

Dr. Wellens has been in practice in Polk County, Florida since 1999.  She is president of Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center, LLC and has been trained in top medical institutions worldwide including South Miami Hospital, Baptist Health Systems Hospital, Ilizarov Institute for External Fixation in Russia, and Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore, Maryland. She completed her Ph.D in biomedical sciences in 2002 and is only one of few podiatrists in the United States to carry a degree of Doctor of podiatric medicine as well as Ph.D.  Dr. Wellens is board certified by the American College of Podiatric Surgery and is a Fellow with American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.  She has performed over 4000 operations on foot and ankle and has been actively involved in clinical research directly associated with approval of medical devices through Food and Drug Administration.  She is currently heading podiatric practice that specializes in medicine and reconstructive surgery of foot and ankle, which is the largest practice in Polk County, Florida.  In her free time, Dr. Wellens enjoys water skiing, snow skiing, working out, and spending time with her two sons.     

Maria T. Jaramillo-Dolan, DPM, FACFAS

Dr. Jaramillo obtained her Doctorate degree from Barry University in 1998. She then obtained extensive training in Sports Medicine, Podopediatric conditions and Biomechanics at Cedars Medical Center in Miami, Florida. Dr. Jaramillo-Dolan was then board certified in foot surgery by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery after completing extensive training in foot and ankle surgery at Benedictine Hospital in Kingston, NY. Dr. Jaramillo-Dolan is also highly trained in Diabetic Limb Salvage, wound care and is a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. Finally being fluent in both English and Spanish has aided her success in private practice at Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center, LLC.           

IT Band Syndrome

If you are a runner, chances are good that you've suffered from an injury at some point in your running career. It may have been hip, knee, lower back, or foot pain that brought you to a stop. In any case, the experience was likely unpleasant. Some of the most common running-related injuries are also the most preventable. One of the most common running-related injuries is iliotibial band syndrome (IT Band Syndrome).. Read the full article.

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CFFA's New Services

Don't just manage chronic pain. Quell it. Quell is a 100% Drug Free Pain Relief Technology that stimulates the sensory nerves in your upper calf and delivers neural pulses to your brain. These pulses trigger a pain relief response in your central nervous system that blocks pain signals in your body. Call today or click to Learn more and watch the Good Morning America video about Quell. 

Central Florida Foot & Ankle is proud to announce that we have introduced regenerative medicine into our practice.  We will utilize the wound matrix, regenerative matrix, and particular matrix in order to provide top notch advanced medical care to our patients.  We have partnered with Amniox Medical Technology, who is a leader in restorative tissue therapy.  Amniox has over 25 years of National Institute of Health Sponsored Research, over 130,000 human implants, and 300 peer reviewed scientific publications. Call today or click to Learn more.

Hyperblue Toenail Fungus Laser now available!

Call for an appointment at either the Winter Haven or the Lakeland office. 

Eliminate Toenail Fungus with our brand new HyperBlue 1530 multiuse diode laser. It is FDA-cleared in removing warts, performing matrixectomies (ingrown toenails), and to temporarily increase the growth of clear nail in patients with onychomycosis (toenail fungus).

  • Fast and powerful - With 30 watts of power, the HyperBlue 1530’s ergonomic hand piece allows treatment of all 10 toes in just three ten-minute treatments.
  • Safe and virtually painless - The HyperBlue 1530 laser delivers results with minimal patient pain or discomfort.
  • Easy to use - Pre-set treatment parameters on the HyperBlue 1530 make treating the patients easier than ever

We offer the latest technology in diagnostic studies and our office is the only one in Polk County to offer PSSD testing for peripheral nerve problems. Once you have familiarized yourself with our practice please visit our offices page. We offer 3 convenient locations in Winter Haven, Lakeland, Davenport, FL.

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More specific information, questions, comments, or other interaction can be obtained by e-mailing us at contactus@flfootandankle.com, or by visiting one of our offices. We will be happy to be of any assistance.